Narcauli Project.

A regeneration strategy in Narcauli.

The project site is located in Naracauli, an abandoned suburb of the city of Arbus. Naracauli at the begin of the twentieth century was the center of the production of Ingurtosu’s mine and housed a laundry (laundry Brassey) and a small village for workers. The village was abandoned for more than half a century. It was decided to work on this site and in the two subsequent slides are reported the relief of some buildings made in this place.
By analyzing the criticality of the arburese district were found two large social ills. The first one is the strong heavy metal pollution that the river Irvi-Piscinas transports on lands of Naracauli and in the mouth of Piscinas (this is a beautiful beach and a jewel for Arbus for its large extension and for the unusual presence of dunes. The second one is the big problem of the dependence to drug and alcohol in the whole area of Medio-Campidano. It affects mainly young people and is perhaps due to the lack of leisure opportunities and job prospects.
The idea of the project is to create a rehabilitation center for drug addicts. They must live in the first period of care in the ex-laundry, assisted throughout the day. Then, they can go to live in the neighboring buildings (ex-village for workers), occupying their time in the reconstruction of the buildings and the reclamation of the whole area of Naracauli with a constructed wetland, which allows the creation of a beautiful public park.
In the following pages are shown the plan, the floor plans, the elevations and the cross-sections of the project. The buildings are very simple and easy to built. The used tecnique is the “greb”. with a wooden frame containing straw (insulation), mortar and plaster. New buildings, with their low environmental impact, are located inside the old buildings and are completed with a wooden roof.